Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday Favorite #1: Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

introducing a new feature here on bellyacher....Friday Favorties! each friday i will post about something that i love and would like to share with others.

this friday it's all about Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, the NPR news quiz. i have been listening for about two years now and it has become a weekly ritual. if you live in fresno you can hear Wait Wait on KVPR 89.3 every saturday at 11am. if you are not from fresno or you are not able to listen on saturdays, you can always listen to the show later online at the website.

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Why is Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! one of my favorites?'s damn funny. the show is hosted by Peter Sagal, and Carl Kasell is the official judge and scorekeeper. each week they quiz three of several regular panelists (including Mo Rocca, from The Daily Show) and people who call the show. the quizzes are on news items from the week...many of which are canidates for yahoo's "odd news" section. the result is usually hilarious. also, there is always a "not my job" guest (a celebrity, i suppose) who is quizzed on something that has nothing to with their profession or expertise. the guests that have been most memorable to me include, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Armistead Maupin (one of my favorite authors).

So, if you're not busy tommorow morning please listen to the show and tell me what you think. if you can't wait that long, listen to last week's show right now at the link above.

(warning: i will be adding several "new features" to bellyacher so be prepared)