Thursday, December 20, 2007

The waiting update of sorts

Last week I finally inhaled, exhaled and said goodbye to a large sum of money (well, large to me) in order to apply for my visa. It was a weird feeling...a "no turning back" feeling, in fact. Now I'm waiting for some paperwork to arrive from across the pond so I can properly send in all of my supporting documents and then hope for a speedy decision to be made. EEK!

OH...and this fabulous article was brought to my attention today. Let me just say that I am scheduled to fly on Virgin Atlantic on January 9th...does anyone else see a potential problem?? Sheesh!

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day at work. It was supposed to be next Friday but I think I should spend as much time as possible on finishing up packing, selling and donating. I wish this was easier but I suppose it's a "character building" experience. Oh yeah, last day at work...we're having an employee lunch and secret Santa gift exchange so everything will be bitter-sweet and weird, I'm sure. I just hope I don't cry. I was told that I need to work until next Friday. Okaaaaaay.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Since I'll be unemployed starting tomorrow next Friday at 5:30pm, expect that I will start my new full-time job as a blogger soon. God help us all...

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