Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Favorite #3: Fresno Famous

With the recent revamping of the local website, Fresno Famous, I thought it would be a perfect time to add it to my Friday Favorites.

I've been reading Famous for quite some time now and it never gets boring or stale. I make sure to check Sour Grapes daily and I always love reading about the weekly Famous Person. I also enjoy listening the Flowing with Famous podcast which just recently started again after a brief hiatus (thank goodness).

As far as the revamping of Fresno Famous is concerned, it's great. The site started out as a way for Fresnans to get local news and gossip through articles and the Sour Grapes blog. Most of the content was written by the site's creator, Jarah, and a few contributing writers. Now Famous has become a one-stop hub of all things Fresno. With the help of Suzi, the "main brain" at Think Inkless, many new features have been added and the look of the entire webite has evolved. Some of the newest changes include a new color scheme, the use of tags to search content, user created blogs, and public forums. Personally, I like the changes but it took me a week or so to get used to them. Overall, I am impressed with the way that Fresno Famous has grown and expanded and I look forward to checking it daily for a long time to come.

P.S. You can also buy a shirt or hoodie:

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